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At Capeshore Trading Pty, we are committed to achieving the highest standards for health and safety in each of our facilities through the use of innovative programs that meet or exceed federal and state regulations.

The Gas Cylinders and Diesel Generators management system, coupled with Capeshore Trading Pty, the way philosophy of “Do it Safely, or Not at All,” provides the directional emphasis for a culture of safety excellence at each of our facilities.

Despite the demanding environment of a foundry, which presents unique safety and environmental challenges, Earth Pipe is determined to provide its team members a safe, environmentally compliant workplace.

This is done with the assistance of our professional safety and health personnel, internal and external third-party safety audits, management commitment and team member engagement, metrics that focus not on trailing injury rates but on proactive leading indicators, and through cooperative partnerships and meetings with federal, state and local regulatory agencies.

An example includes assisting the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) with development of ergonomic guidelines for the foundry industry. Additionally, Capeshore Trading routinely makes capital improvements in safety and environmental projects, spending significantly more than industry averages.


Current Openings

Capeshore Trading Pty Company is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of welded steel pipe. Manufacturing pipe and all that is done to support that effort is hard, satisfying work.  We take pride in our products, growth and success.  This success stems from each and every employee who stayed focused on delivering a product to our customers that consistently meets or exceeds their expectations.

Working at Capeshore Trading Pty Company comes with a need to understand key values that represent the foundation of our culture:

Accountability is evident when we do what we say we are going to do and people accept responsibility for their actions.  We do not point fingers and blame others.  We own our actions.

Commitment is not only promising to do something, but actually investing in the necessary effort and actions to make it happen.

Teamwork is essential for competing in a challenging and constantly changing business environment. Working together across all job functions is critical to achieving our success.

Safety for our employees and our community is integral. We want every employee to go home after every work day safe and sound.  We protect the environment, health, and safety of our employees, customers and communities where we operate.

Capeshore Trading Pty offers career opportunities across the country in positions ranging from the manufacturing floor and engineering to administration and management.  Currently open positions and instructions for how to apply are listed below.